Why you should get started with React

React has been one of the most popular libraries for building UI interfaces in the last few years. Built and maintained by Meta (Facebook), React has proven to be the right choice for building web or mobile applications of any size.

React makes it possible to easily build dynamic single-page applications by using the Virtual DOM and creating reusable components.

Below I have brought some of the main reasons you should start learning React.

Career Opportunities

React has become the go-to UI library for many companies when they are building their applications. This results in the job market booming for React Developers.

Getting employed as a React Developer is getting easier every day even if you are a beginner.

Check out sites like Stepstone or Indeed for job offers, or RemoteOK if you want to fully work from home. Or if you are willing to become your own boss, make sure to check Upwork, biggest freelancing platform.

Learning Curve

React has an easy learning curve compared to frameworks like Angular. It also doesn't have a strong opinion on how the code should be structured. It gives you JSX and the ability to create either class components or functional components.

Worth mentioning that React is a library and not a framework, meaning you could have as little or as much React on your app as you want. Making it easy switching from other frameworks/libraries to React.


With over 189K stars on Github, React has a massive community. You get access to a large number of experts to solve any problem that you have.



Probably the most known feature worth mentioning is JSX, explained simply, it looks like HTML in Javascript, but with extra features. Allowing developers to create Component functions, which can easily be reusable for faster development.

React JSX Example

Virtual DOM

DOM stands for Document Object Model, it's how the web browsers see the pages internally. Making DOM mutations, however, is really slow and can get expensive really fast.

React has its own way of seeing the pages and that is called the Virtual DOM. It reacts to state changes and modifies only the necessary parts in the real DOM. Making it faster than the most UI frameworks out there.


React is known for its massive ecosystem, having multiple libraries to choose from for most of the cases needed to build an application.

React also provides awesome APIs to help developers build libraries with ease.

Check out places like React Awesome or OpenBase for finding the library that you need.

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